The 2012 Canadian Hickory Championship
August 15-17 – Sherwood Park Alberta

Once again an outstanding event was hosted by Ron Lyons at his fine 27 hole course - The Legends in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Alberta. This one was extra special as it was also a celebration of 100 years of golf in Alberta.
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Ron Lyons in his Red coat
Host Ron dressed for the occasion by breaking out his Red Captains Jacket to add a historic note and some formality to the occasion. This was lost on his Canadian comrades who called him 'a lion tamer' , 'Johnny Walker' , a 'fox hunter' , and lastly a most oddly dressed caddie.

However the Alberta Golf Motto "To grow the game with Passion while upholding the Integrity and Traditions of the Game" was well demonstrated by all the competitors in the US/Canada Ryder Cup matches. Once again the Canadian team prevailed winning 33 1/2 to 10 1/2.

In the Tournament itself, it was a celebration of the Ream family.
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The 84 competitors in the Canadian Open Hickory Championship

Michael Ream won the 27 hole championship scoring 3 over and father Chris Ream won the Senior Division at 2 over par. And, as Ron Lyons noted, Chris's daughter Elizabeth, now a Teaching Pro in the area, could not make it or it would have been a family sweep.

At the closing banquet the guests were treated to a great show when Rick Beaudreau, a Legends member and hickory golfer, appeared in full costume to perform a traditional native sun dance.
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Ricky doing his dance, with Max Hill and Russ Fisher looking on
A picture is included showing Max Hill and Russ Fisher digging the great moves. Rick also addressed the crowd about how honored he was to be invited to dance and share his native heritage with us. Rick then received a standing ovation!

There were 84 competitors in The Canadian Open Hickory Championship and in the celebration on Friday of the 100 year anniversary of Alberta Golf there were 200 players all supplied with hickory sticks.

A great hosting job again this year by Ron Lyons and co owner Edwin Chan.

Everyone should visit this wonderful part of Canada and play in this event!