Founded in 1988
Norm Moreau
Bob Nutley *
Jack Rutherford *
George Elliott *
* no longer with us

2018 Board of Directors
President – David Burgess
Co-Founder and President Emeritus – Norman Moreau
Vice President – Stan Lapidus
Historian and Past President – Doug Marshall
Secretary – Ron Archer
Treasurer – Ian Clarke
Auctions – Ian Clarke, Ian MacCrimmon, David Burgess
Golf Shows – Stan Lapidus, David Burgess
Growth Strategy Committee – Dave Blocksidge, Jeff Rogers, Stan Lapidus
Membership / Roster / Newsletter – Joe McLean
Canadian Golf Hall of Fame Liaison – David Burgess, Ian MacCrimmon
Hickory Tour – Ken Leedham & Russell Dick
Publicity – Stan Lapidus, Rick Murray
Tournaments – David Burgess (coordinator), Ron Archer, Doug Marshall, Jeff Rogers
Web Site – Ken Leedham
Director at large – Ron Dunn

Sub Committee on Tournament Play – Bill Southall, Vern Petry
Hickory Pro Am Committee – Dave Blocksidge, Jeff Rogers