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Cambridge GC (2021)

Chris Cade and Lorne Emery on July 1, 2021, Canada Day, at Cambridge Golf Course
Chris Cade and Lorne Emery on July 1, 2021, Canada Day, at Cambridge Golf Course

GHSC News Item: July 1, 2021 Post-1900 Hickory Play

Location: Cambridge Golf Club, Cambridge ON

Reported by: Lorne Emery, GHSC Board Member

On July 1, Canada Day, a group of enthusiastic hickory golfers opened the season at Cambridge Golf Club, two months later than originally planned. Due to public health measures, GHSC was unable to stage a conventional tournament. This day was a celebration of hickory golf with a great mix of new players and experienced hickory enthusiasts, all eager to get out after months of confinement. The weather was perfect, the course was in great condition and the patio was open.

We were pleased to welcome Mike Dinner from Golf Canada and Golf Journalists Association of Canada Rick Young and Grant Fraser to our celebration. Their performance as hickory rookies was exceptional and we look forward to them joining us for future outings. Several of our hickory ambassadors were in attendance, led by Bill Stewart, 90 9years young and ready to promote hickory golf with youthful enthusiasm. GHSC was well represented by Jeff Rogers, GHSC President and three other GHSC Board members. Jim Wilhelm, a member of GHSC and an SOHG board member, provided McIntyre replica balls and SOHG ball markers for everyone.

It was great to get the year off to a good start despite the challenges. Cambridge Golf Club has become a hotspot for hickory golf in Southern Ontario and was the right choice for our first event. There was a strong contingent from the home course including several hickory rookies.

Hickory Fridays at Cambridge are attracting new players and existing GHSC members looking for a game. The informal hickory committee will continue to plan hickory outings. Several other events have been planned including historic and links courses. As restrictions are eased, we will be able to do more, so stay tuned. If you would like to participate, feel free to contact one of our Hickory Ambassadors.

Another group of hickory players decked out for July 1, 2021, Canada Day hickory play at Cambridge Golf Course.

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