Early Golf History in Canada

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George S. Lyon (1858-1938)

George S. Lyon (1858-1938) Olympic Golf and George S. Lyon (by Doug Marshall) The First Olympic GolfThe First Modern Olympics took place in 1896 in

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Nicol Thompson (1880-1957)

Nicol Thompson (1880-1957) Nicol Thomson (by Doug Marshall) Nicol Thompson was the first child of ten born to James and Jeannie Thompson. There were six

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Karl Keffer (1882-1950)

Karl Keffer (1882-1950) Karl Keffer  (by Doug Marshall) We know Karl Keffer as the first and only Canadian born winner of the Canadian Open. This

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Charles & Albert Murray

Charles & Albert Murray Early Golf Champions in Canada (by Doug Marshall) First we need to start with The Parish of Norway in the northeast end of

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George Cumming (1879-1950)

George Cumming (1879-1950) George Cumming, Toronto Golf Club (1900-1950) (by Doug Marshall) George Cumming was the template for the perfect Canadian Golf Professional. He did

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WM. Davis (1881-1889)

WM. Davis (1881-1889) The First Professional in North America (by Doug Marshall) In 1881, William Davis was brought to Canada and hired by Montreal Golf

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