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GHSC News Item: October 28, 2022 – Guttyfest ’22, Part II (Final) (2022)

Reported by: Russell Dick, GHSC Hickory Ambassador

Imagine the scene……

A raw dreich mornin’ befalls us,
The Scots mist is jist startin’ tae lift.
The air temperature is zero wi’ a nippy wind.
A’ the folk are gaithered in their tweeds and woollies.
A hardy bunch indeed.
But this cheery lot are in Ancaster Ontario, gowf clubs frae the 1800’s in their hauns. Gowf balls from anither age ready tae be skelpit doon fairways and intae rabbit holes.

Thursday 20th October at 10 on the clock the tee offs started for the 5 groups registered.  “A” flight golfers playing pre-1900 smooth face clubs and “B” flight had the option to play post-1900, pyratone or classic clubs and modern style golf balls. While it was overcast the rain held off, but the stiff breeze made everyone very glad of the warmth of the Ancaster room for some nourishment and a wee beverage at the 19th hole.

Our first Guttyfest in 2021 was a great success and demonstrated significant interest in playing the older historical  equipment, so much so, that we held two matches this year. It takes a lot of people to spread the word and each participant is an ambassador for the sport and history. On the website ( various people are identified by region and can arrange outings/demonstrations and provide loaner play sets so interested newcomers can experience the thrill and history for themselves (I often wonder who played my clubs in 1890?)

We concluded our day with a wee minding for notable golfers.


  • Closest to the pin winners Gerald Achtymichuk and Doug Bowslaugh
  • “A” flight winner Jim Palk (after a challenging play off with Gerald Achtymichuk and Vaughn Perusse)
  • “B” flight winner Allan Lew

Oak Gables Golf Club had their own team playing smooth face Hickories with Gutty balls and as well as a great golf course for Guttyfest. I think we have some new members for the Golf Historical Society of Canada.

I thank all participants for coming, several ambassadors who provide guidance to me in organization and a big thank you to Frank and Donna Collis who come out in all weather to participate and be our GHSC photographers.

Until next season have a great festive season and lang may yer lumb reek.

Below are pics taken at Oak Gables. Click on an image to see a larger version (without the heads cut off!).

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