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Hickory Golf Swing

Stan Lapidus of GHSC demonstrates his hickory golf swing in the following series of images. Stan is a seasoned hickory player and has what most would call a smooth, deliberate and controlled swing, which is desirable for hickory golf. In these pics, Stan is using a post-1900 brassie.  

Note how the shaft flexes on Stan’s backswing, downswing and follow-through. Probably the most interesting is the fourth image where the hickory shaft causes the club head to accelerate through impact. This demonstrates the hickory swing concept of “letting the club do the work.” Stan’s follow-through and high finish are also fine positions.

Mouse over an image to see its title. Click on an individual image to see a larger view, and also to cycle through all the images in sequence.

These pictures were taken by Ken Remark on September 30, 2021 and were made to look “historical.” 

Here is a link to another webpage at hickory where the golf swing is shown in three different periods which are classified by the golf ball in use. 

Our own Historical Golf Timelines chart defines these three key periods.

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