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CWSGA – 100th (2022)

GHSC News Item: September 11, 2022 – CWSGA 100th Anniversary (2022)

Reported by: Bob West, GHSC Board Member

The Canadian Women’s Senior Golf Association (CWSGA) celebrated its 100th anniversary over the week of September 6th to 10th, 2022 in conjunction with the holding of its National Tournament in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

GHSC loaned some hickories for CWSGA’s 100th anniversary event.

From the CWSGA:

The Celebration …

The National Tournament is always one of the season’s most enjoyable events, an opportunity to reconnect with our golf friends and have the pleasure of meeting those new ladies who have joined our CWSGA family. For those of you who are new, we look forward to guiding you through your first experience at a “proper” and non-virtual National Tournament, one that we have been looking forward to for three years. This year will mark our organization’s Centenary and there is much to celebrate. Mark your calendars and plan to attend the festivities for our 100th year!

Accommodations were reserved at the Fairmont Tremblant Hotel and golf was played at the nearby golf courses Le Geant and Le Diable.

Read on and enjoy a few historical facts gathered from old newspapers and the CWSGA History Booklet.

Where it all Began                         

“During the 1922 Close Canadian Union Tournament at the Lambton Golf and Country Club, a few of the old-time competitors (in their 40’s!) gathered in Mrs. H.R. Tilley’s room on September 21st and started the Canadian Women’s Senior Golf Association!” ~ CWSGA History Booklet

Where it all began

 The Founders

In 1922 a group of eleven ladies were chatting over a cup of tea when history was made and thus began the Canadian Women’s Senior Golf Association. Mrs. A.E. Mussen, Mrs. A.D. Miles, Mrs. A.F. Rodger, Lady Baillie, Mrs. R.S. Fuller, Mrs. H.M. Bostwick, Mrs. H.C. Stikeman, Mrs. H.R. Tilley, Mrs. Sydney Jones, Mrs. A.P. Burritt and Mrs. W.H. Burns were the founding members who began our association that we continue to enjoy today, some 100 years later.

The Founders

 Mrs. A. E. Mussen

A figure who will long be remembered as catching the true meaning and quality of the game of golf, Mrs. Billie Mussen, founder of the Canadian Senior Women’s Golf Association. A fine golfer and the spirit of sporting womanhood, this Montrealer gave much to golf in this country. ~ McCord Museum

Mrs. A.E. Mussen

 The Tournament Format

In 1928 the tournament became a 3-day event, with one day designated foursomes and the other 2 days of medal play, 18 holes played each day or nine holes for those desiring. The 2-day stroke play remains unchanged today. The first day’s play has had many formats including Chapman foursomes, two better balls and our present format of one better ball of four.

The Tournament Format

 The First Tournament

Mrs. Jones wins title. Takes the Canadian Women’s Senior Honors with card of 95

Dixie, Quebec, Sept. 14—Mrs. Sidney Jones of Toronto today won the Canadian women’s senior golf championship at the course of the Royal Montreal Golf Club. Her card was 95. Mrs. W.H. Burns of Rosedale was runner-up with a card of 102. ~ New York Times, Sept. 15th, 1923

Over the past century, the National Tournament has been played every year except for those during wartime and most recently when it was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

The first tournament was held in 1923 at The Royal Montreal Golf Club (Dixie Course) during the Close Tournament with 38 entries from a membership of 80. A Championship Cup has been purchased by the association and Mrs. Sydney Jones was the first champion. The annual meeting and dinner were held at the Mount Royal Hotel and was described as “the most successful ladies’ dinner ever held in Montreal”! The entry fee for the tournament was $2 and the dinner was $3.

The First Tournament

 The Trophies

The Championship Cup was first presented in 1923. This prestigious trophy is awarded to the Low Gross winner following 2 days of medal play. There are ten trophies in total, each category with its own esteemed legacy.

The Championship Cup

The Low Net Jean Burritt Durland Trophy was donated and awarded for the first time in 1954.

The Low Net Trophy

There are ten trophies in total, each category with its own esteemed legacy.

Those include trophies for the Runners-up in each division in addition to the Tory Trophy for the Stableford competition, the Veterans Trophy going to the Low Gross winner aged 70 years and over, and the Grandmothers Adelaide McLaughlin Memorial Trophy recognizing the Low Net winner.

As you can see, there are many trophies for you all to compete for!

The gals have had loads of fun at these tournaments. Singing songs at dinner was very popular…

Annual Fees 1922

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