Golf Historical Society of Canada

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Membership Benefits

Playing Canadian Historical Golf

GHSC members benefit from Canadian historical golf play on the following basis:

  1. Participating in regular casual and semi-competitive historical golf play events with other members and invited guests. This includes pre-1900 hickory, post-1900 hickory and classic steel play. Tons of fun!
  2. Acquiring historical golf equipment through purchase or trade with other members through collecting/playing events.
  3. Tracking individual member’s hickory handicaps through a partnership between GHSC and Golf Canada, and participating in year-long points competitions with other GHSC members.
  4. Being hickory ambassadors and participating in historical anniversary events at private or public golf clubs.
  5. Providing club repair services to other GHSC members.
  6. Dressing up in period attire and reliving historical golf experiences.

Access to Members' Newsletters, Blogs, Etc.

The Jigger is GHSC’s periodic newsletter, traditionally available in printed form. To date, its focus has been on Canadian golf history. GHSC members are encouraged to submit articles on any subject of interest. Since members’ interests cover many different subjects, including everything from collecting old clubs, golf books and memorabilia, the newsletter’s editor seeks out interesting articles and photographs. 

Collector’s Corner” is GHSC’s regular monthly golf collector’s digital newsletter for GHSC members to learn about, buy, sell and trade historical golf clubs and other golf collectibles.

Of Mashies and Niblicks” is GHSC’s online moderated blog where GHSC members may post their own articles and respond to each other’s posts.

GHSC periodically uses the Mailchimp platform to disseminate important news, newsletters and other information to its members via email. Members may choose to opt out from these communications.

Annual General Meeting

The GHSC Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year usually in March, at Golf Canada’s Golf Hall of Fame, located at The Glen Abbey Golf Course, in Oakville, Ontario. Attendees are invited to �buy – sell – trade – browse�. All may bring their treasures along. Tables are provided to display your golf memorabilia. An auction typically follows to wind up the day.

Seminars and Film Presentations

Guest speakers are available from time to time, to talk on subjects whether it be collecting, book reviews, or Canadian golf history. Since our membership is broad and knowledgeable, research information is always available – usually just a phone call away.

Golf Historical Society of Canada
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