Golf Historical Society of Canada

Toronto Golf and Travel Show (2019)

Event #1 – International Centre — Mississauga ON — February 8-10, 2019

The 2019 show has come and gone. And despite a smaller venue at the International Center (Hall 5 instead of the usual Hall 2), the crowds seemed to be about the same….. the usual 20,000 give or take a few. Thanks first and foremost to my fellow vendors Craig Blair, Downtown Dave Blocksidge and Ian MacCrimmon. Without their commitment, hard work, and the eclectic/interesting golf stuff they bring …. the TG&T show would not be nearly as compelling as they help make it …. and for sure, the GHSC would not be getting nearly the exposure we get because of their efforts. Sales for the GHSC vendors were brisk, particularly for Craig, who had his “Team Blair” out in full force. Thank you, guys. And thanks to the GHSC for its support as well. 

To those folks who volunteered their time and energy, who once again demonstrated their passion for hickory golf and charmed the passersby, a huge THANK YOU on behalf of the GHSC. Specifically, (in no particular order) Dave Finn, Priscilla Chung, Ron Dunn, Jeff Rogers, Phil Williams and Lorne Emery. Dave, Lorne and Ron were “first-time Ambassadors” who did a great job in spreading their enthusiasm for GHSC and we will hopefully be able to call upon their many talents in other endeavours down the road. The only disappointing aspect of our show was that we were without Ron Archer (and his kilt) who, for reasons well beyond his control, was not able to join us this year. 

As with last year, we ran a draw/contest for a bag of hickories. The lucky winner was GRANT SMILLIE

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