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U.S. Hickory Open – Podcast (2021)

SOHG News Item: December 7, 2021 – The Hickory Open Podcast

Source: The Fried Egg Podcast

Reported by: Garrett Morrison

The U.S. Hickory Open was played at Gearhart Golf Links (Oregon) in September 2021. Garrett Morrison did a Fried Egg Podcast of the event, which was recently posted on both Garrett’s and the SOHG’s website. This podcast does a great job of explaining why hickory golf is such a compelling and challenging game/sport, and also why the U.S. Hickory Open is a great tournament. 

Podcast interviewees include some highly renowned U.S. hickory golf personalities—John Henry Williams (club repair expert), Colin McNamara (golf writer), Tad Moore (club builder), and the 2021 U.S. Hickory Open winner, Andrew Von Lossow. The viewpoints shared by these individuals may be beneficial to all GHSC members/potential members in order to better understand how to play “the Old Game” in a modern context.

Here is a link to The Fried Egg Podcast. Enjoy!

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