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Twenty-seven (27) useful website links, pertaining to historical golf in Canada and abroad, are presented below. Categories of useful links on historical golf we have selected are as follows: Approved Clubmakers (6), Golf Balls (3), Golf Bags (3), Golf Rentals (1), and Golf Societies (14). 

Many countries, in addition to Canada and the U.S., also have their own “historical” golf societies (sometimes called “associations”) including: Australia, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden.  A few specific country links are listed below. You can easily google the rest. 

In the U.S., several states each have their own historical golf society. In some other countries, the promotion and preservation of historical golf (in terms of collecting, playing and history) is spread across multiple organizations. 

Our selected historical golf web page links are listed below. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

ACM1 Approved Clubmakers KL Hickory Kelly Leonard (Manitoba) – Canadian producer of long-nose and transitional replica woods for pre-1900 and post-1900 hickory play.
ACM2 Approved Clubmakers Play Hickory Golf Ben Plaunt (Alberta)  – Canadian producer of replica irons for post-1900 hickory play.
ACM3 Approved Clubmakers Louisville Golf U.S. producer of replica golf clubs for pre-1900 and post-1900 hickory play.
ACM4 Approved Clubmakers Tad Moore Hickory Classics U.S. producer of replica golf clubs for pre-1900 and post-1900 hickory play.
ACM5 Approved Clubmakers JBL Swiss Hickory Golf Club Manufactory Swiss producer of replica golf clubs for post-1900 hickory play.
ACM6 Approved Clubmakers St. Andrews Golf Co. Scottish producer of replica golf clubs for post-1900 hickory play.
B1 Golf Balls McIntyre Golf Company U.S. producer of replica golf balls for historical pre-1900 and post-1900 hickory play.
B2 Golf Balls U.S. Hickory Players Club/Florida Hickory Golfers U.S. Hickory Players Club (c/o Brian Schuman, NY): U.S. producer of replica golf balls for historical post-1900 hickory play. Florida Hickory Golfers: Preserving the pureness and authenticity of golf in the Sunshine State by playing golf with hickory shafted clubs on traditional golf courses.
B3 Golf Balls Hickory Lane U.S. producer of replica featherie golf balls for historical pre-1900 hickory play.
GB1 Golf Bags McKenzie Golf Bags U.S. producer of handcrafted golf bags and related products.
GB2 Golf Bags Seamus Golf U.S. producer of handcrafted golf bags and related products.
GB3 Golf Bags Steurer & Jacoby U.S. producer of handcrafted golf bags and related products.
GR1 Golf Rentals Vintage Golf Canadian vintage golf rentals.
GS1 Golf Societies The Australian Golf Heritage Society Australian society with an aim is to raise the golfing community’s awareness of golf’s history, and the place of that history in the development of the modern game.
GS2 Golf Societies The British Collectors Society The British Golf Collectors Society was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting interest in the history and traditions of golf, and collecting items associated with that history.
GS3 Golf Societies The Canadian Open Hickory Championship The annual Canadian Open Hickory Championship is hosted annually by the Legends Golf and Country Club.
GS4 Golf Societies Golf Canada: Searchable Canadian Golfer Historical Magazine Canadian Golfer, the most prolific golf magazine in Canadian History, 1915-1941. Searchable database from Golf Canada.
GS5 Golf Societies Golf Canada: Interactive Historical Map of Canadian Golf Courses The storied legacy of Canadian golf courses has been collected and presented by Golf Canada through a new interactive website, designed to map out 148 years of Canadian golf course history in communities from coast to coast.
GS6 Golf Societies Golf Journalists Association of Canada GJAC encourages, promotes and recognizes quality Golf Journalism in Canada.
GS7 Golf Societies The Golf Heritage Society U.S. society honoring the history of the game. Formerly, the Golf Collectors’ Society.
Emphasis is on collecting and history. Has many great links to other resources here.
GS8 Golf Societies The Golf Historical Society (California) U.S. golf history website which includes some articles and references about about historical golf in Canada.
GS9 Golf Societies The Shivas Irons Society The Shivas Irons Society supports those on the path of mastery, in golf and life, through educational programs, golf events, and fostering a community of like-minded individuals around the world.
GS10 Golf Societies Society of Hickory Golfers (SOHG) U.S. society dedicated to promote and encourage the playing of hickory golf.
SOHG equipment guidelines for Modern Era Events may be found here.
SOHG also has links to individual U.S. state historical/hickory golf societies/playgroups.
GS11 Golf Societies Stanley Thompson Society Canadian society celebrating and preserving the legacy of Canada’s renowned golf course architect Stanley Thompson.
GS12 Golf Societies Swiss Hickory Golf  Emphasis is on playing hickory golf; has applied to be an associated member of the Swiss Golf Association.
GS13 Golf Societies USGA: History of the Rules of Golf The USGA’s History of Revisions to the Rules of Golf: 1744 to Present
GS14 Golf Societies World Hickory Open The home of the annual World Hickory Open (WHO) in Scotland.
Rules for the WHO Championship may be found here.

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