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Why Join GHSC?

Below are two perspectives of Why Join GHSC?:

 1. For the Joy of Being a Hickory Ambassador

Four years ago, I finally took up an invitation to try hickory golf. My good friend Gerald Achtymichuk had been encouraging me to try playing hickories, in his gentle but persistent fashion for several years. Gerald was my Hickory Ambassador.

I have always enjoyed playing golf; that is an understatement. Ten years ago, I stepped it up a notch and rented an apartment in the middle of Cambridge Golf Club. I went from playing 70-80 rounds per year to a lot more.

Like many golfers, I got interested in the latest innovations in equipment, and tried a lot of clubs. In recent years, I got more cynical about golf industry claims and was looking for more steak than sizzle. I then took up Gerald’s invitation to try something different.

My first hickory game was nothing short of a golf epiphany. My concerns that these clubs were obsolete (and breakable) and that they were impossible and frustrating to play with were wrong. In fact, I found playing with hickories was more fun and brought out creativity in shot making that was lacking in my normal game. I became more curious about the history and found that trying different clubs was very rewarding.

Gerald and I played our hickory clubs almost all the time. We didn’t mind if our playing partners used modern equipment; it didn’t matter. And that is when I became a Hickory Ambassador. I found myself inviting others to give the old clubs a try and bought another set to lend out, and that is how it started. I now have several sets which get lots of use, so Gerald has helped to create a hickory monster! Hickory golf is fun to play. It fosters creativity and nothing gives me more satisfaction than hitting a great shot. What’s more, I have found that there are others that feel the same way. Our hickory group continues to grow as more curious golfers give it a try.

If you have a set of hickory clubs, do you use them regularly? If your answer is no, may I suggest you get in contact with one of our Hickory Ambassadors. We would love to come to assist you to find your inner Bobby Jones or Walter Hagen. If you have friends that might be interested, we have high quality loaners sets for them to try.

So my question to you is: Are you a Hickory Ambassador in waiting?

Lorne Emery
GHSC Board Member and Membership Secretary

 2. For the Many Benefits GHSC Membership Brings

Besides being fun and challenging, historical golf (especially hickory golf) is built on a foundation of smooth and deliberate tempo, strong, reliable and consistent technique, and making good on-course decisions.

Players learn important techniques such as how and when to sweep the golf ball off the ground versus how and when to dig, how short or long to make the swing, and how light or firm to hold the club. Success in hickory golf may potentially pay big dividends in your golf game using modern clubs, through the development of good, repeatable technique.

Hickory golf is often viewed as being low-tech and minimalist, and in many countries it has become a lifestyle choice for golfers (article). Some even call it “Hickory De-Evolution” (article).

GHSC membership will also give you access to numerous members’ benefits as explained on our “Memberships” webpage.

For these reasons, historical golf—including both hickory and classic steel—provides great variations of the Old Game to take up.

George Supol
GHSC Board Member

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