Bring your brassie, mashie, niblick and putter, and then...
Enjoy a shared experience
Recreate historical events
Play historical courses
Feel the drama of the Old Game
Find your inner Vardon, Jones or Collett
Search for buried treasure ...
... and find it
Visit heaven on earth, and finally ...
Dress up, join the cast and play your part!


Golf Historical Society of Canada (GHSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fun and enjoyable historical golf experiences through playing, collecting, learning and sharing. 

At GHSC, we promote and support …

We provide our members and guests with frequent opportunities to play casual, fun historical golf—often on Canadian historical courses—using golf clubs that were in use circa 1850 to 1935. These clubs may be original antiques or replicas, and have hickory (or other forms of wood) shafts. To us, “hickory golf” takes a player back to the game’s roots. We also encourage play with classic steel clubs circa 1924 and later.

We assist private and public golf courses in celebrating their important anniversaries by helping them run fun hickory golf events for their members, using our loaner equipment and easy how-to-play instruction.

Whether antique clubs, memorabilia or other golf collectibles, collecting such treasures is a fun hobby for many. We typically hold trade shows and “boot sales” throughout the year where our members have opportunities to buy, sell or trade collectibles.

Canadian golf history is full of interesting and colourful people and places, with great stories, and we enjoy informing people about them.

Historical golf, especially hickory golf, is now part of a world-wide community, and we add our voice to that community. Our GHSC Hickory Ambassadors actively promote the community’s fun and trendy “hickory golf subculture” to regular golfers, whenever the opportunity arises.

In short, we believe you will enjoy our new website, video and upcoming blog, and quite possibly become hooked on the Old Game as it was once played!

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