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Collector’s Corner is an electronic newsletter, for members to learn about and also buy, sell and trade their golf collectibles. It is published by Golf Historical Society of Canada (GHSC) and emailed without charge to the Society’s Member’s.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, physical opportunities for Members to physically display and thereby buy, sell and trade historical golf clubs and other collectibles has been extremely limited. This newsletter has helped to fill in that gap on a digital basis.

To date, seven issues of the newsletter have been published as listed/linked below. The specific issue reference #’s indicate month and year of issue. In addition, we have noted for each issue, a story or collection that is featured.

Here are the published issues:

  • Issue #1 (CC-11-2020) – The Inaugural Issue
  • Issue #2 (CC-01-2021) – A Primer on the Why’s and How’s of Starting a Golf Collection
  • Issue #3 (CC-02-2021) – Stan the Man – A Book Collector’s Big Score in the Big Apple
  • Issue #4 (CC-04-2021) – The John Porter Collection, Part 1
  • issue #5 (CC-05-2021) – The John Porter Collection, Part 2
  • Issue #6 (CC-06-2021) – The Dave Blocksidge Collection
  • Issue #7 (CC-10-2021) – The Craig Blair Collection
  • Issue #8 (CC-02-2022) – Estate Golf Collection – Part 1 
Please note that only GHSC Members may submit ads for display in Collector’s Corner.


Disclaimer: GHSC Members are responsible for conducting and concluding their own transactions. GHSC accepts no responsibility and offers no related guarantees or warranties with respect to collectibles transacted.

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