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Nip'n Tuck (2022)

GHSC News Item: November 17, 2022 – Nip’n Tuck (2022)

Reported by: Lorne Emery, GHSC Board Member and Hickory Ambassador

On November 5, 2022, Cambridge Golf Club held its annual Nip’n Tuck Tournament which is a two-man scramble event that features pin placements ranging from difficult to almost impossible. The whole purpose of the event is to have fun and there is a mercy rule of “double par” for those almost impossible pin placements. In a normal year, the weather is usually cold adding another challenge. This year, unseasonably warm temperatures made shorts a possibility although high winds surfaced halfway through the round.

Due to the unseasonably warm weather, 56 teams (a record) competed including 4 GHSC teams. Our teams played hickory clubs which is a first for this tournament. We participated in the overall tournament and added a new twist. The Committee (Mike Stevenson and I) decided that we should have a toonie match on the side. There would be three six-hole matches switching opponents after 6 and 12 holes. This meant that GHSC teams would all play each other.

The day was fantastic and the format provided lots of laughs. The eight of us had a great time kidding each other and laughing when someone complained that a pin placement was unfair. In this event no pin placement was fair.

Our groups started on the 7th hole in the shotgun format. In the first 6-hole match, Vaughn Perusse and Frank Gunn gave Peter McPhedran and I a good beating. As we waited by the 12th green, we learned that George Supol and Allan Lew were tied after five holes with John Medeiros and Mike Stephenson, largely due to Allan’s putting. George decided it was time to hole a long 40 footer, clinching the 6 hole match and I thought that I heard some whining.😀

The standings after the first 6 holes were:

Vaughn and Frank 4.5
George and Allan 3.5
John and Mike 2.5
Lorne and Peter 1.5

In the second 6-hole match, George and Allan continued their good play squeaking out a win over Vaughn and Frank. John and Mike gave Peter and I a good lesson to complete the second round.

The standings after 12 holes were:

Vaughn and Frank – 7.0
George and Allan – 7.0

John and Mike – 6.5
Lorne and Peter – 3.5

As we entered the last 6 holes, the wind became a very big factor and the most difficult 4th-hole remained. Vaughn and Frank remained steady and eked out a win over John and Mike. George and Allan continued their good play despite scoring an 8 on the 4th-hole. George’s chip in from a difficult spot on the 5th-hole sealed our fate and was pivotal in the final standings.

The final standings in the toonie match after 18 holes were:

George and Allan 11.0
Vaughn and Frank 10.5
John and Mike 9.0
Lorne and Peter 5.5

Congratulations to George and Allan in winning the day.

In the overall event, the hickory teams all finished with respectable scores ranging from 81 to 85 and all qualified for prizes.

As we head into the winter offseason, this is likely the last tournament of the year. We have had a lot of laughs and great fellowship at all events. I look forward to 2023 and it looks like we will have a variety of interesting events.

Below are some pics taken at Cambridge GC. Click on an image to see a larger version. Shorts on November 5th!

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